Saturday, 27 December 2014



I wanted to start this blog because I feel like 2015 could be a very interesting year and I wanted a place to document it all. Having been aware and following blogs for a few years now, I feel that it is such a good outlet and a way of sharing everything with you and good reflection for myself. 

I due to graduate from the University of Westminster in the summer, where I have been studying BA(hons) Film and TV Production for the past 2 and a half years and living in London, UK. Also I will be turning 21 in July!! This year will 'hopefully' see me getting my career started (could be anywhere and doing anything).

I currently work as a photographer and do the blogging photography for fashion blogger Style Flash, as well as work as the Production runner for The Edit at Net-A-Porter.

I am aiming for posting once or twice a week at the moment, documenting what I have experienced and new places and fashions I have discovered.

Photo of myself. Thanks to and taken by Matthew at Sikcub

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