Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year Resolutions 2015

It is a pretty exciting time of year, the feel of a fresh start. All psychological but even so you have to make the most of it, just after Christmas when hopefully you have a bit of time off, it is the best time to plan forwards and make sure that a lot gets accomplished in 2015.

Only a few hours to go! Here they are:

  • Post on this blog at least once a week, stating new experiences or fashion discoveries,

  • Start going on runs, I know everyone says this, but I moved to a beautiful area at the end of the summer and went on some then, but as the weather went colder, so did my motivation to leave the house in running clothes,

  • See Daniel (my boyfriend) more, as towards the end of 2014 we both got very bogged down in uni work and other commitments. Although we understand that at the moment our work comes first, it will be good for both of us to spend more time together,

  • Work towards what I am going to do when uni finishes,

  • Travel when ever possible!! Last New Years was spent in Amsterdam with my best friend Chris and Vinny who was about to move to Brazil. It was amazing, I love travelling and it is definitely on the To Do list for the future, and if anyone has any suggestions then I would love to hear them.

  • Photo to the right of Chris and Vinny taken by myself

    Photo to the left of myself taken 
    by Chris Lynch 

    Both taken in Amsterdam New Years Day 2014

    Monday, 29 December 2014


    Good Morning,

    I always feel very blessed to have the friends I have, especially as they are all very talented in their own individual way. This morning I would like to share with you a music video which my best friend (and flatmate in 1st year of uni) made for our mutual friend Marius and his band : Shakers and Shades.

    Their sound is so soft and soothing that - hopefully this isn't just me - is impossible not to move along with and make you smile. It was released a couple of weeks ago now, but its better late than never!

    'Bullet' by Shakers and Shades:

    Directed by Chris Lynch
    Camera by Chris Starkey
    Lighting by George Manton
    Art Direction by Raquel Mejias

    I helped out a bit by doing some Behind the Scenes Photography, the location they used was amazing!!

    Here are the Photos I took for them:

    Sunday, 28 December 2014

    Shooting Docs

    To get started I want to share with you some photos from a documentary I shot recently as part of my final year grade. The subject we chose was Dairy Farming and the impact of the current low milk price on farmers and their family, of which there are many in my home county of Shropshire. So we based the story on a local farmer and his family, who was one of the 474 farmers in the UK who were forced to close in the UK in 2014.

    I produced this documentary, so took the 3 guys in the crew from London to my parents in Shropshire on 3 occasions throughout November. Unfortunately I can not post the film online to show you guys because we hope to start submitting the festivals in the new year, but here is some Behind the Scenes Photos:

    Domas Attempting to tame the farm dogs

    The cows wanted to eat the equipment

    Giles helped us out so much by allowing us access to his working dairy farm, for which we are very grateful

    Photo taken by and thanks to Jim Franklin who was our main subject and was amazing throughout

    Introducing the guys to to Table Tennis at my Grandma's

    Saturday, 27 December 2014



    I wanted to start this blog because I feel like 2015 could be a very interesting year and I wanted a place to document it all. Having been aware and following blogs for a few years now, I feel that it is such a good outlet and a way of sharing everything with you and good reflection for myself. 

    I due to graduate from the University of Westminster in the summer, where I have been studying BA(hons) Film and TV Production for the past 2 and a half years and living in London, UK. Also I will be turning 21 in July!! This year will 'hopefully' see me getting my career started (could be anywhere and doing anything).

    I currently work as a photographer and do the blogging photography for fashion blogger Style Flash, as well as work as the Production runner for The Edit at Net-A-Porter.

    I am aiming for posting once or twice a week at the moment, documenting what I have experienced and new places and fashions I have discovered.

    Photo of myself. Thanks to and taken by Matthew at Sikcub