Sunday, 15 February 2015

Paris and Berlin


So I said at the start of 2015 that I would take the opportunity to travel whenever possible, and well something exciting happened and I got offered my first filming shoot abroad!! Unfortunately I can not yet confirm what it was for, but I can tell you it was pretty amazing and I learnt a lot about what to expect and the issues faced when working abroad. 

We left London on Tuesday morning for Paris and were shooting that evening, flew to Berlin on the Wednesday and were shooting Thursday evening. Then we arrived back in London on the Friday, and as 13th Feb marked us having been together for a year, we spent the evening together which carried on into the Valentines weekend. Which marked a perfect and relaxing end.

So, here are some of my Tourist Photos from my visit, taken simply with my iPhone:



Sunday, 1 February 2015

London Exhibitions to visit in the coming months

I have always been a lover of art, fashion and photography, and there is no better way to explore these interests than a visit to a gallery where you can view the best.

Here are some in and coming and already on display exhibitions which I plan to go to: 

Guy Bourdin: Image Maker @ Somerset House

- Until 15th March
- Free

Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize @ National Portrait Gallery

- Until 22nd Feb
- £3 entry

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty @ V&A Museum

-14th March - 19th July
- £16 entry

Drawn By Light: The Royal Photographic Society Collection @ Science Museum Knightsbridge

- Until 1st March 2015
- £8 entry

Human Rights Human Wrongs @ The Photographers Gallery

- 6th February - 6th April
- Free

Elvis at the O2: The Exhibition of his Life @ O2 - Peninsula Square

- Until 31st August 2015
- £10.50 - £20.75 - pre-book

Please let me know if you have been to any and your thoughts on them, would really like to hear them!! Also feel free to recommend any which I may have missed! x

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Lingerie Love

OK so I haven't yet managed to post weekly as planned. I have just finished writing my dissertation, which was handed in at the start of this week, and this week has been dedicated to finding my social life which was lost in the writing and catching up with things I didn't have time for before.


I have a confession ... I adore underwear.

Lace and silk underwear is my perfect luxury, and I'm a true believer that good underwear can improve the way you act.

I would like to share with you my newest Victoria Secret set, which is so comfortable and the fabric is so soft. Theres a sexy and cheeky feel to VS lingerie, yet it doesn't feel slutty or too try-hard.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Luxuriously Organised

"Organisation is the Key to Success" was drilled into me by my Spanish teacher at school, and bless her she had a stationary addiction, but since then I have realised the truth in it. I hate being late for anything so find having a diary really useful and love the feeling of jotting down creative notes in my Moleskine notebook for future use.

I chose the Smythson Panama Diary for 2015 during a shopping trip in Bond Street earlier because of the handy week-view layout so I can organise my week relatively, and luxurious cross-grain lamb skin feels amazing.

Visit: Smythson of Bond Street

I can't wait to start planning my life with this little jewel.

Happy New Year!!!

This year they charged for people to stand on the embankment to watch the fireworks at midnight over the eye, but luckily my better half lives in Waterloo and we had the privilege of a pretty chilled night and watching them mark the new year from his kitchen window.

We went down to embankment earlier in the evening, just to see what was going on, but couldn't get very far.

New Year's day was spent in Guildford Dan's family, which was a lot of fun (and hence why I am putting this up today.

I hope that everyone's 2015 is going well so far!!

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year Resolutions 2015

It is a pretty exciting time of year, the feel of a fresh start. All psychological but even so you have to make the most of it, just after Christmas when hopefully you have a bit of time off, it is the best time to plan forwards and make sure that a lot gets accomplished in 2015.

Only a few hours to go! Here they are:

  • Post on this blog at least once a week, stating new experiences or fashion discoveries,

  • Start going on runs, I know everyone says this, but I moved to a beautiful area at the end of the summer and went on some then, but as the weather went colder, so did my motivation to leave the house in running clothes,

  • See Daniel (my boyfriend) more, as towards the end of 2014 we both got very bogged down in uni work and other commitments. Although we understand that at the moment our work comes first, it will be good for both of us to spend more time together,

  • Work towards what I am going to do when uni finishes,

  • Travel when ever possible!! Last New Years was spent in Amsterdam with my best friend Chris and Vinny who was about to move to Brazil. It was amazing, I love travelling and it is definitely on the To Do list for the future, and if anyone has any suggestions then I would love to hear them.

  • Photo to the right of Chris and Vinny taken by myself

    Photo to the left of myself taken 
    by Chris Lynch 

    Both taken in Amsterdam New Years Day 2014

    Monday, 29 December 2014


    Good Morning,

    I always feel very blessed to have the friends I have, especially as they are all very talented in their own individual way. This morning I would like to share with you a music video which my best friend (and flatmate in 1st year of uni) made for our mutual friend Marius and his band : Shakers and Shades.

    Their sound is so soft and soothing that - hopefully this isn't just me - is impossible not to move along with and make you smile. It was released a couple of weeks ago now, but its better late than never!

    'Bullet' by Shakers and Shades:

    Directed by Chris Lynch
    Camera by Chris Starkey
    Lighting by George Manton
    Art Direction by Raquel Mejias

    I helped out a bit by doing some Behind the Scenes Photography, the location they used was amazing!!

    Here are the Photos I took for them: